Reading is one of the strongest predictors of a child’s future success – in school and in life. Yet millions of kids across the country lack access to books.

To address this need, dd's DISCOUNTS joined forces with First Book, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing new books to children in need. In partnership with First-Book, dd's DISCOUNTS' customers and Associates are turning local kids into readers, learners and leaders by equipping them with new, high-quality books.


dd’s DISCOUNTS runs an annual back-to-school donation drive with First Book. When checking out at the register, our customers are invited to make a donation that will go directly to local educational programs. The local programs then choose the right books for their students, based on age, language and need. Every customer donation at a dd’s DISCOUNTS store means First Book can deliver more great books to children who need them most.


Our Associates also support First Book by volunteering to read and distribute books to children from local educational programs. A dd’s DISCOUNTS manager who participated in a book distribution event said, “It was awesome to participate in an activity that will make a difference! Our teams are connected to our communities and the hard work we put in daily makes a difference.”

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